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Empress  Showcasing a host of top female athletes who have advanced their sports to new levels.  The film brings today's extreme women to the forefront to be recognized for there accomplishments.  Starring:  Megan Abudo, Lisa Andersen, Rochelle Ballard, Layne Beachley, Serena Brooke, Jamie Burge, 
Cara-Beth Burnside, Tara Dakidas, Wendy Fisher, Allison Gannett, Sarah Gerhardt, Victoria Jealouse, Keala Kennelly, Jen Obrien, Jamie Simon, Nicola Thost & Julie Zell

Common Thread  A vibrant visual exploration of snowboarding, this film combines smooth freeriding with off the hook freestyle trickery from California to Switzerland.  From veterans of the sport to some of today's up and coming rippers, this film takes you a bit deeper by providing a fresh, inside look at the dynamic personalities who represent and shape the spirit of snowboarding.  Featuring: Tom Burt, Kelly Clark, Tara Dakidas, Jake Devine, Nate Holland, Andy Hetzel, Victoria Jealouse, Dan Mccoy, Carlo Mondavi and Noah Salasnek.  Audio Enhancements: Afro Mystic,The Real, DJ Mark Farina, The Line, Mambo, Loquate and many more...
Jusimi  "Yeah I saw you"  Tearing up the chimney at Squaw Valley, Heli-skiing in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska- with a heli pilot who is as crazy as the lines he is taking you to. Hiking Mt Superior during the Snowbird Extremes and skiing a steep powder day at Alta.  Come look through my lens and watch many others as the continue to rip it up in another film from 4Reel Productions.  Music by: Crucial, Deep Banana Blackout,  DJ Switch, Leftover Salmon, Swinging Utters, Ptaah, Three Degrees West and Erv and Rob Wolfe.

Jusimi A Ski Movie


The Stomp  Filmmakers Dana Mackie and Shennon Sarich take you along with these skiers to show you why they risk life and limb for top finishes in extreme comps, movie segments and bragging rights.  Watch this compelling crew from Lake Tahoe as they catch huge air and push themselves competing and skiing fast.  Sit back and enjoy #4 from 4Reel Prductions.

The Stomp